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If you are interested in becoming a committee chair, please email us! We would love to have your help!! Committee Chairs are responsible for gathering a team of volunteers and planning the event for which they are the chair. We will give you ideas and get you started with a budget.

Ice Cream Social- John Kucek, Ellen Enger, & Erin Sullivan

Fall Festival-John Kucek & Ashley Altero

Movie Night-Ellen Enger & Ashley Altero

Father/Daughter Dance Chair: Mayra

Mother/Son Event Chair: Misty Wallace & Susan Pease

Room mom coordinator: Ellen Enger

Read-a-thon coordinator: Erin Sullivan

Staff Appreciation Week: Jamie O'Neal and Ellen Enger

International Festival-Gina Adams and Amrutha

Mustang Trot/5K: Christina Westerfield

Website Manager: Jamie O'Neal and Sherri Owens

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